IIC Gold 2020

Trafalgar House secure Investor in Customers Gold hat-trick

By Trafalgar House | 21/01/2020 | Press Release

Trafalgar House today announced the successful achievement of the Investor in Customers (IIC) Gold Award, the highest accolade available, for the third year in succession.

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Deliveroo Twitter

What can the pensions industry learn from Deliveroo?

By Peter Laurence, Senior Pensions Associate | 08/11/2019 | Blog

How the pensions industry can learn from other sectors when designing and delivering pension dashboard services.

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Twitter Banking

Open banking. Could this be the perfect parallel for the pensions dashboard?

By Daniel Taylor, Client Director | 22/10/2019 | Article

We’re starting to see the first results now, since open banking came on the scene 18 months ago, and there are lessons the pensions industry will want to take on board when it launches its pensions dashboard.

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Power Hands

Taking the power of admin into your own hands

By Taylor Smith, Client Relationship Manager | 10/09/2019 | Article

Administrators have spent a long time pleading for a more prominent position at the trustee table. Asking for more time, more consultation and more input into decision-making so that the practicalities of implementing real-world change can be properly considered.

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Give Us Credit

Give us credit: Why schemes need to make use of service credits in admin

By Daniel Taylor | 19/08/2019 | Article

Service credits are a useful feature of administration contracts, tying performance with fee levels, but they are rarely used. Daniel Taylor argues why more contracts should include them.

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Quote A Berry Death Automation

Death: where automation find its limits

By Alan Berry, Service Delivery Manager | 04/07/2019 | Blog

Automation, robotics and machine learning are just some of the buzzwords that trumpet the dawn of a mechanised nirvana. An administrator-free future where members will self-service every part of their retirement journey, elevating us administrators to system managers or indeed, making us redundant.

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Press J Bower Welcome

Trafalgar House expands trustee secretarial team with appointment of Jannine Bower

By Trafalgar House | 19/06/2019 | Press Release

Trafalgar House has enhanced its client relationship and trustee secretarial team with the appointment of Jannine Bower as client relationship manager.

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Avoiding environmental catastrophe is not just about investments

By Dan Taylor, Client Director | 24/05/2019 | Article

Damning predictions on the impending impact of climate change have led to a renewed focus on environmental concerns across the vast majority of industries. The pensions administration industry, however, has been less affected than most.

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Quote K Stone Digital Comms (1)

Web adoption in pension communications: separating fact from fiction

By Katie Stone, Client Relationship Manager | 23/05/2019 | Article

When considering online pension communications, there is a tendency for trustees and sponsors to make assumptions about the preferences of different membership demographics. However, recent research proves that many common assumptions about certain age groups or industries aren’t entirely accurate.

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Press K Stone Welcome

Trafalgar House boosts Client Relationship Team with the appointment of Katie Stone

08/05/2019 | Press Release

Trafalgar House, the pensions administration specialist, has boosted its client relationship team with the appointment of Katie Stone, an experienced administration projects and operations specialist.

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AGA News Image

Trafalgar House launches administration governance self-assessment tool

By Trafalgar House | 30/04/2019 | Press Release

Trafalgar House, the pensions administration specialist, today announced the launch of an administration standards self-assessment tool, the Administration Governance Assessor (AGA).

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AFC Header

Action for Children outsource pensions administration to Trafalgar House

25/04/2019 | Press Release

Trafalgar House, the pensions administration specialist, today announced that it has been appointed to provide pensions administration services to the Action for Children Pension Fund, which has more than 7,000 members and over £600m of assets.

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Quote G Wake Qual Quant

Service management: A move from quantitative to qualitative key performance indicators (KPIs)

By Garry Wake, Managing Director | 25/03/2019 | Article

In recent years, we have seen a distinct trend in the way success is measured. Outsourced pensions administrators were heavily reliant on quantitative information, and largely focused on time and volume as the primary measures of success. Whilst this was, of course, an easy way to measure the service, it was too simplistic.

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Paperless Pensions Web Page Grey (1)

Paperless Pensions

By Daniel Taylor, Client Director | 21/03/2019 | Press Release

Pensions industry shouldn’t assume older people won’t go online, shows Trafalgar House research

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Viewpoints Image

Viewpoints: Pensions complification

By Ian Neale, Aries Insight | 12/03/2019 | Blog

The volume of pensions legislation in force has been increasing exponentially in the last fifteen years with annual Finance Acts, six Pensions Acts and two Pension Schemes Acts, plus hundreds of sets of regulations. 

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Dont Fear

Don't fear the 'T' word

By Karla Bradstock, Client Relationship Manager | 07/03/2019 | Article

At the start of 2018, it looked like the upward trend in Defined Benefit (DB) transfer activity was set to continue. Despite sound predictions, activity started to tail off towards the end of the year, which raises the question - has the DB transfer bubble finally burst?

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PA Award Web

Trafalgar House named Administration Provider of the Year at the 2019 Pensions Age Awards

By Trafalgar House | 04/03/2019 | News

We are delighted to have been recognised at the 2019 Pensions Awards as Administration Provider of the Year

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Pensexp Mortality Quote

Mortality screening: What you need to know

By Claire Montgomery, Client Projects Manager | 26/02/2019 | Article

We do not like to talk about death. Even though it is part of an administrator’s daily routine, it is a subject many of us prefer to avoid. But the truth is, mortality screening is a fundamental part of pensions administration, and without it pension schemes would be a mess of overpayments, recovery procedures and wasted money.

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Ae Square 1

Automatic-enrolment pension contribution rates to rise from 6th April 2019

By Trafalgar House | 08/02/2019 | News

In 2018, employee contributions to automatic-enrolment workplace pension schemes reached an all-time high with more than seventy per cent of the workforce becoming pension scheme members.

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Quote T Clark Service Consolidation

Does service consolidation really make things more efficient?

By Toby Clark, Client Relationship Manager | 24/01/2019 | Article

Much debate has been had on the subject of consolidation recently. For smaller schemes especially, the benefits of streamlined processes, reduced operational fees and simplified governance structures are very seductive. Toby Clark, Client Relationship Manager, takes a look at the reality of service consolidation.

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Trafalgar House awarded Investor in Customers Gold for second year running

By Trafalgar House | 18/12/2018 | Press Release

Trafalgar House today announced the successful achievement of the Investor in Customers (IIC) Gold Award, the highest available accolade, for the second successive year.

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Quote - G Hickey - Back to the Future.jpg

Back to the future

By Gillian Hickey, Implementation Project Manager | 07/12/2018 | Article

Gillian Hickey, Implementation Project Manager, takes a look at the recent GMP equalisation ruling and has a funny feeling that we've been here before...

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DC Not as easy as ABC.png

DC, not as easy as ABC

By Greg Rice, Member Services Manager | 23/10/2018 | Article

Administration of defined contribution schemes (DC) is often quoted as being easy or simple when compared to their more mature defined benefit (DB) counterparts. “It’s just like running a bank account” and “all you have to do is multiply one number by another,” are two of the most common remarks associated with administering this type of arrangement.

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Quote - D Taylor - Consolidation.jpg

Considering consolidation? Act now

By Daniel Taylor, Client Director | 19/10/2018 | Article

With the question of consolidation no longer if, but rather when, Trafalgar House warns schemes to act now if they are considering consolidation, outlining the possible implications for administrators and how to best prepare.

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Rip-Off Britain

By Trafalgar House | 19/10/2018 | News

The Trafalgar Multi-Asset Fund mentioned on the 18 October 2018 edition of Rip-Off Britain Live on BBC One in connection with a pension scam has nothing whatsoever to do with Trafalgar House or any of the schemes we administer. If in doubt, visit the ScamSmart website.

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Blame claim.png

Where there’s blame, there’s often no claim

By Garry Wake, Managing Director | 10/10/2018 | Article

When a pension scheme changes administrator, one universal truth applies: data issues and historical errors will be uncovered. First-hand experience of countless administration transitions has taught me that if schemes change administrator, then at least one of a handful of common issues will be uncovered.

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Negative cashflow.jpg

Cash flow management is DB's new admin headache

By Toby Clark, Client Relationship Manager | 09/10/2018 | Blog

The balance of payments for defined benefit pension schemes has shifted. With estimated active DB members numbering less than 500,000 and more than 5m members in receipt of their pension, most DB schemes have a negative cash flow.

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Using robotics to maximise the quality of advice for members

By Daniel Taylor, Client Director | 11/09/2018 | Article

Ever lied to your doctor? Exaggerate the amount of sunscreen you use and downplay the junk food and units of alcohol consumed? Don’t feel too upset, we’re all at it.

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ITN appointment.png

Trafalgar House appointed to The ITN Pension Scheme

By Trafalgar House | 17/08/2018 | Press Release

The ITN Limited Pension Scheme appoints Trafalgar House for the outsourced administration of its £300m scheme.

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Quote - T Smith - Annuity Market Freedoms.png

Freedom, choice and equality

By Taylor Smith, Client Services Associate | 17/08/2018 | Article

Taylor Smith discusses the momentum that is gathering behind the Daily Mail campaign to allow people to commute annuities purchased before April 2015.

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GDPR Response Plans.jpg

Trustees can’t relax about GDPR, it’s time to focus on data breach response

By Trafalgar House | 30/07/2018 | Press Release

Trafalgar House, the pensions administration specialist, have advised that two months on from the introduction of GDPR schemes need to ensure they have a response plan in place to deal with any data breaches, and provided some tips for establishing a working plan.

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Comment - G Wake - Transition Team.jpg

Trafalgar House launches dedicated transition team, along with further expansion

18/06/2018 | Press Release

Trafalgar House, the pensions administration specialist, has announced the launch of its new dedicated transition team. This comes in response to increased market demand and follows a sustained recruitment drive to bolster Trafalgar House’s existing team of specialists.

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PFO Blog - Old and new worlds meet.jpg

Old and new worlds meet - lessons from DB scheme closures

By Claire Montgomery APMI | 17/06/2018 | News

For administrators, DB scheme closures have become routine and there are ‘three Cs’ that summarise much of the required activity; calculation, communication and crystallisation. However, despite all the experience and practice the industry has had in managing scheme closures, some common administration mistakes still crop up.

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2018 UKPA Winners Logo Transparent Large.jpg

Trafalgar House win Third-Party Administrator of the Year at UK Pensions Awards 2018

25/05/2018 | News

Trafalgar House is delighted to have been named Third-Party Administrator of the Year at this year's UK Pensions Awards.

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Arm Rating Down One Star.jpg

What do pension scheme members really want?

By Karla Bradstock, Client Relationship Manager | 08/05/2018 | Blog

Remember that 90’s romcom where Mel Gibson could get inside the heads of women and find out what they were thinking? Their every thought, wants, and desires? Just imagine if pension administrators could do the same thing, and suddenly understand what scheme members really wanted! If we could only hear their thoughts and wishes, we could tailor our services to provide the solutions they crave...

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Blog - G Hickey - Top 5 Tips.jpg

Changing pensions administrators? Here are five top tips for a smooth transition

By Gillian Hickey, Projects Team Manager | 01/05/2018 | Blog

Changing your pension administrator is a big deal. Let’s face it, most trustees are at least a little resistant to change given the complexity and perceived risk involved. Even with meticulous planning and research, plenty of headaches await should you fail to get it right.

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Will Brexit make us fall in love with offshoring again?

By Daniel Taylor, Client Director | 12/04/2018 | Blog

Reduced access to international employees and an overall skills drain in the pensions administration sector could significantly restrict supply. But is offshoring the solution?

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European Pensions Awards 2018

12/04/2018 | News

We are pleased to announce our shortlisting in the ‘Pension Scheme Administrator of the Year’ category at the European Pension Awards.

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Trafalgar House appointed to The Costain Pension Scheme

04/04/2018 | News

The Costain Pension Scheme appoints Trafalgar House for first-time outsourced administration of its £780m scheme

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Blog - Invention Reinvention.jpg

Forget about invention - reinvention is what pension administrators need

By Garry Wake, Managing Director | 29/03/2018 | Blog

What too many pension administration providers fail to realise is that they have the power to be proactive now. If we could only stop succumbing to our bewilderment and fear at the thought of AI and robotic breakthroughs; we might just realise the change can already be made.

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2018 PIPA Awards Logo.jpg

Pension and Investment Provider Awards 2018

By Trafalgar House | 26/03/2018 | News

We are incredibly proud to have been shortlisted as third-party administrator of the year at the highly prestigious FT Pension and Investment Provider Awards.

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Women in Pensions Awards 2018

By Trafalgar House | 18/03/2018 | News

Congratulations to Karla Bradstock FPMI, Gillian Hickey and Jenny Monger for being nominated for the Women in Pensions Awards 2018.

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Trafalgar House appointed to the Imerys UK Pension Scheme

By Trafalgar House | 06/03/2018 | Press Release

Trafalgar House today announced its appointment as administrator to the Imerys UK Pension Scheme – a defined benefit pension scheme with 6,600 members and over £700m in assets.

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Garry Strategy Piece.jpg

Think long-term when refreshing your scheme’s admin strategy

By Garry Wake, Managing Director | 01/03/2018 | Article

The word ‘strategy’ is most commonly associated with investment or derisking; rarely is any consideration given to a scheme’s administration strategy.

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Evolution of Pensions Admin.jpg (1)

The evolution of pensions administration

By Daniel Taylor, Client Director | 22/02/2018 | Blog

Daniel Taylor, Client Director shares his insight on the evolution of pensions admin and ways providers can adapt to keep up with members’ growing needs.

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Event - Futureproof your admin.jpg

PLSA Teach-In: Future proof your pensions administration by learning from the past

21/02/2018 | News

We are pleased to announce our next teach-in session, in association with The Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association, on how to future proof your pensions administration service.

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In or out.jpeg

In or out?

08/02/2018 | Article

At a time when ensuring data standards is ever-higher on trustees’ agendas, this Pension Age article considers the pros and cons of outsourced versus in-house administration.

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IIC - GOLD.jpg

IIC Award

By Trafalgar House | 23/01/2018 | Press Release

Trafalgar House, the pensions administration specialist, today announced the successful achievement of the Investor in Customers (IIC) Gold Award, the highest accolade available.

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Four key administration topics for 2018

By Trafalgar House | 19/01/2018 | News

Trustees need to be maximising the time and engagement they spend on administration this year to make sure they are fully prepared for a range of complex new requirements and deadlines.

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Trafalgar House secures second consecutive exception-free AAF audit

By Trafalgar House | 17/01/2018 | Press Release

Trafalgar House, the pensions administration specialist, has announced for the second consecutive year that it successfully completed its AAF 01/06 audit with no exceptions.

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Karla Bradstock.jpg

Three things you need to do in 2018 to get to buy-out

By Karla Bradstock | 05/01/2018 | Article

Top of the 2018 ‘to-do’ list for many DB trustees will be planning the process to achieve buy-out. In our latest Pension Funds Online article, we take a look at three key administration actions that should be considered before starting the buy-out process

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Are we focusing on the wrong type of online engagement?

By Toby Clark, Client Relationship Manager | 11/12/2017 | Article

We take a look at the topical issue of online engagement from the industry. With the focus on members, the piece will ask whether the industry should stop simply trying to engage a disengaged DB membership base and instead focus on what client portals can bring to sponsors and trustees (both DB & DC)?

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Pensions Age.jpg

2018 Pensions Age Awards

05/12/2017 | News

We are pleased to have been shortlisted at the 2018 Pensions Age awards.

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My Work Pension Video-01.png

Video: My Work Pension

16/11/2017 | Video

Watch our video to find out more about the features and functionality of our brand new member website, my work pension.

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Video: Pensions administration - beyond the SLA

09/11/2017 | Video

Watch the video from the PLSA summarising our teach-in session on the factors that influence high-quality administration

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Pensions Expert logo.png

Podcast: Cyber security - is your scheme protected?

31/10/2017 | News

Podcast: Cyber security has risen up the agenda for pension funds in recent years. In the wake of ransomware attacks affecting computer systems across the world, and with new data protection requirements on the horizon, Margaret Snowdon, chairman of the Pensions Administration Standards Association, and Dan Taylor, client director at third-party administrator Trafalgar House, explain how trustees can safeguard their schemes.

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No one is moving to Malta

By Alan Berry | 12/10/2017 | Press Release

Trafalgar House says administering the overseas transfer system is an unnecessary cost for the government and industry and that members seeking to move their money overseas simply for financial gain should face the tax implications of the decision.

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Video icon.png (1)

Video: Are your pension scheme members being let down?

10/10/2017 | Video

Are your pension scheme members being let down? Get in touch with Joe Anderson to find out how we can improve your member experience.

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Trafalgar House recognised as an Investor In People

22/09/2017 | Press Release

Trafalgar House has today announced its successful accreditation by Investors in People, the leading internationally-recognised assessor of effective people management.

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Pension Funds Online.jpg

Developing the digital journey

By Daniel Taylor | 25/08/2017 | Blog

Daniel Taylor takes a look at the digital solutions available to members of occupational pension schemes in our latest blog

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Why do well-funded small schemes struggle to reach buyout?

By Gillian Hickey | 08/08/2017 | Article

Read Gillian Hickey's Pensions Expert article about why well-funded small schemes sometimes struggle to reach buyout.

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Pensions Insight.png (1)

How to successfully manage your administrator

By Greg Rice | 26/07/2017 | Article

The relationship between trustees and their scheme administrator is critical to good pensions governance. But are both sides focusing on the right details? Greg Rice, member services manager at Trafalgar House, gives some tips

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Professional Pensions Logo.png

To outsource or not to outsource

By Dan Taylor | 10/07/2017 | Article

In this article featured in Professional Pensions, Dan Taylor asks whether schemes should outsource for the first time or stay in-house.

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Pensions Expert logo.png

Admin transitions: Avoid the sting in the tail

07/06/2017 | Article

In this Pensions Expert Article, Joe Anderson sets out the steps that all schemes should take now to avoid costly transition fees when moving administrator

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Video: Buyout ready administration

06/07/2017 | Video

Watch the video from the PLSA of our webinar on how to get your scheme ready for buyout

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Dan Taylor.jpg

Cybersecurity is not just an IT problem

30/06/2017 | Blog

Daniel Taylor urges the pension industry to take cyber security seriously with rigorous training and testing.

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Dan Taylor.jpg

Trafalgar House calls for clearer guidance to update ‘woefully out of date’ scheme literature

By Dan Taylor | 29/06/2017 | Press Release

More guidance is needed to compel trustees to update important scheme literature, such as member booklets, to avoid complications, confusion and complaints from members

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Pensions Age logo.png

End of the 'one-stop shop'

By Garry Wake | 15/06/2017 | Article

Garry Wake reveals some often-overlooked disadvantages to using one provider for both administration and actuarial work

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Trafalgar House secures exception-free AAF audit

08/06/2017 | Press Release

Trafalgar House has announced that it successfully completed its latest AAF 01/06 audit with no exceptions

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Video icon.png (1)

Video: Working with other advisers

16/05/2017 | Video

Watch our video to find out how we connect and coordinate with other advisers to provide a joined-up service

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First time outsourcing

By Gillian Hickey | 05/05/2017 | Blog

Gillian Hickey, Client Projects Manager, highlights the unique challenges that first time outsourcing projects present when compared to a more typical provider to provider administration transition

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Artboard 1.png

European Pensions Awards 2017

05/04/2017 | News

We are pleased to have been shortlisted at the European Pensions Awards 2017 in the category of Pension Scheme Administrator of the Year.

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Pensions Podcast.jpg

Pensions Podcast: The admin taboo; changing administrator

03/04/2017 | News

Daniel Taylor, Client Director at Trafalgar House and Alan Pickering, Chairman of BESTrustees, discuss the 'taboo' subject of changing administrator

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Growth icon.png (1)

How has freedom and choice affected transfer behaviour?

By Joe Anderson | 31/03/2017 | Article

We take a statistical look at DB transfer quotations, payments and destinations since the introduction of freedom and choice in 2014

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Pension and Investment Provider Awards 2017

30/03/2017 | News

We are shortlisted for the 2017 FT PIPAs in the category of Third-Party Administrator of the Year!

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Video: How to change administrators - tips, traps and tales

17/03/2017 | Video

Watch the video from the PLSA summarising our teach-in session on changing administrators

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Claire Montgomery cropped.jpg

Conditional data is just the tip of the iceberg

16/03/2017 | Press Release

Conditional data is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to resolving issues during an admin transition

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PP Awards Finalist logo.png

UK Pensions Awards 2017

03/03/2017 | News

We've been shortlisted for a 2017 UK Pensions Award in the Third-Party Administrator of the Year category

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IIC logo.png

Trafalgar House partners with Investor in Customers

28/02/2017 | Press Release

Trafalgar House has partnered with Investor in Customers to deliver a new 360-degree member and trustee feedback programme.

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Dan Taylor.jpg

Brewster decision will lead to a rise in member complaints unless trustees act

15/02/2017 | Press Release

Trustees should act now to head off an inevitable rise in member complaints following the Brewster decision around the rights to benefits for unmarried couples in public sector schemes.

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Four things to talk to your administrator about

09/02/2017 | Article

Here are the four things Trustees should talk to their administrators about to make the most of meetings

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Video Screen - Talking to Pension Scheme Members.png

Video: Do you know how to talk to pension scheme members?

31/01/2017 | Video

Watch our essential guide on how to develop and deliver effective member communications

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PLSA teach-in: How to change administrators

23/01/2017 | News

We are pleased to announce the launch of an educational seminar, in association with the PLSA

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How to avoid excessive exit fees

By Toby Clark, Client Relationship Manager | 13/01/2017 | Blog

Toby Clark takes a look at how Trustees can avoid excessive exit fees when changing administrator

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Client update – changes to HMRC data submissions

20/12/2016 | News

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) are advising pension schemes to be prepared for the introduction of a new system that replaces Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) in April 2018.

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Dan Taylor.jpg

Latest Revaluation Orders leave some members with a complex retirement decision

02/12/2016 | Press Release

The recent Occupational Pensions (Revaluation) Orders mean deferred members approaching retirement now need to think carefully about when to take their pension

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10 Years Preview Image.png

Thank you...

29/11/2016 | News

Thank you to all of our clients, partners and supporters for attending our 10 year anniversary celebration on 24 November.

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10 Years Preview Image.png

Celebrating 10 years...

24/11/2016 | News

This evening we welcome clients and supporters to our new offices to mark our 10th anniversary.

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Dan Taylor.jpg

Autumn Statement means now is the time to take advantage of pensions salary sacrifice

23/11/2016 | Press Release

Trafalgar House, the pensions administration specialist, advised that the changes to salary sacrifice on some employee benefits announced in today’s Autumn Statement gives a great opportunity to encourage employers to push their pension arrangements.

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Autumn Statement: What the Chancellor should do for pensions

17/11/2016 | Article

In this article from Professional Pensions, Garry Wake considers what's in store for the Annual Allowance as the industry gives its thoughts on the upcoming Autumn Statement

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Dan Taylor.jpg

Protecting your greatest asset

11/11/2016 | Blog

Daniel Taylor, Director at Trafalgar House, looks at the steps Trustees should take to ensure their data is safeguarded

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Dan Taylor.jpg

Daniel Taylor joins Trafalgar House

07/11/2016 | Press Release

Trafalgar House, the pensions administration specialist, today announced the appointment of Daniel Taylor to the newly created Director position to bolster their executive leadership team...

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The record holders always win

02/11/2016 | Article

We take a look at the key data items that pension schemes should consider before embarking on a de-risking project

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reception (2).jpg

We've moved...

03/10/2016 | News

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Members aren't asking for the world...

07/09/2016 | Press Release

Trafalgar House, the pensions administration specialist, today called on the industry to remember its roots and focus on the basics of member service as the industry goes through continual change.

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The end is nigh, but when?

25/07/2016 | Blog

Joe Anderson, Business Development Manager at Trafalgar House, considers how long DB expertise will continue to be needed.

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Threat of a DB skills gap needs to be averted says Trafalgar House

19/07/2016 | Press Release

Trafalgar House, the pensions administration specialist, today called on the industry to do what it takes to avoid a DB skills gap arising in the future and its resulting impact on providers’ ability to competently manage DB schemes.

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Schemes need to lose the mindset that changing administrators is too difficult, says Trafalgar House

28/06/2016 | Press Release

Schemes should not let the notion that changing administrators is difficult prevent them from getting the best for their members.

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Taylor Smith.jpg

Left waiting...

26/05/2016 | Blog

Taylor Smith, Senior Pensions Associate at Trafalgar House, looks at the way we communicate with members

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Steve Wright.jpg (1)

Chain's as strong as its weakest link

By Steve Wright | 26/04/2016 | Article

In the relentless battle to protect employee data in all its forms, companies need to be ever-vigilant and on the front foot, to ensure that both they and their suppliers are equipped to meet the ever-changing demands of cyber security.

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Reports of the demise of the administrator are greatly exaggerated

31/03/2016 | Blog

Joe Anderson discusses the future of administrators and technology in the latest blog for Pension Funds Online

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Trafalgar House secures AAF accreditation

09/03/2016 | Press Release

Successful completion of the AAF 01/06 accreditation process

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The GMP reconciliation deadline is fast approaching – how to get there if you’re late.

By Gillian Hickey | 02/03/2016 | Article

We’ve known for a long time that the abolition of contracting-out in April 2016 means every contracted-out scheme needs to go through a GMP reconciliation sooner or later.

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Meeting the Expectations of the 21st Century Pension Scheme Member

By Garry Wake | 01/03/2016 | Article

Change is a word we’re very used to in the pensions industry. There have been so many changes over the last couple of years alone, that it can sometimes feel like a struggle to keep up.

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PMI News - Admin's role in getting members to freedom

By Joe Anderson | 01/02/2016 | Article

The policy of bringing greater freedom to pensions benefits has been largely accepted as a positive step. But whilst it’s easy to simply announce the idea, for those doing the hard work to actually make it happen there is lots to consider.

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Trustees must avoid Cyber Security inertia and make it more than a point in time assessment

By Garry Wake | 19/01/2016 | Press Release

Trustees must avoid Cyber Security inertia and make it more than a point in time assessment, says Trafalgar House

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Time for administrators to raise their game

By Garry Wake | 05/11/2015 | Press Release

Time for administrators to raise their game, says Trafalgar House

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15/05/2017 |

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