News | 24/11/2016

Celebrating 10 years...

Celebrating 10 years...



This evening we welcome clients and partners to our new offices to mark our 10th anniversary.

What began as a small in-house operation of 18 people has now grown into a highly respected third party administration business, with 40 employees servicing 16 clients.

I would personally like to thank our clients and team for making Trafalgar House a successful and enjoyable place to work.

Our 10th year marks an exciting point in our development as we make a significant investment in the future. We have just moved into our new office, and have started one of the most ambitious recruitment and development journeys we have ever undertaken. Having made significant investment in our systems, processes and people over the years we have never been better prepared for the next phase of our development.

Thank you to everybody has supported us over the years and contributed to our success.

Garry Wake
Managing Director

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