News | 18/03/2018

Women in Pension Awards 2018

Congratulations to Karla Bradstock FPMI, Gillian Hickey and Jenny Monger for being nominated for the Women in Pensions Awards 2018.

The Women in Pensions Awards are not about men versus women, or whether a particular gender is more suited to a career or role in pensions; they are simply about celebrating and recognising the achievements of women in a sector where they are currently under-represented.

Why? As the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association pointed out in its report, Breaking the Mirror Image, there is compelling evidence that more diversity leads to better company performance. And, if more diversity is right for the companies in which schemes invest, it must also be right for pension funds themselves as well as for the broader pensions industry.

Having access to a broader pool of talent can help to create a more sustainable pensions industry for all and encouraging gender diversity is a crucial step to accomplishing this. In highlighting the achievements of women already in the sector, as well as recognising individuals of either gender who help to maximise the potential of women or are striving to get a better gender balance, the Women in Pensions Awards will play its part by helping to inspire more women to work in what is an exciting and dynamic sector.

The Women in Pensions Awards firmly believes that initiatives that aim to inspire and campaign for greater representation of women both in pensions and on trustee boards have a key role to play in supporting gender diversity. We believe the Women in Pensions Awards can complement these initiatives by shining a spotlight on the work of inspirational and groundbreaking women in the pensions sector.

The winners will be announced on 26 June 2018.

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