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Deliveroo Twitter

What can the pensions industry learn from Deliveroo?

By Peter Laurence, Senior Pensions Associate | 08/11/2019 | Blog

How the pensions industry can learn from other sectors when designing and delivering pension dashboard services.

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Twitter Banking

Open banking. Could this be the perfect parallel for the pensions dashboard?

By Daniel Taylor, Client Director | 22/10/2019 | Article

We’re starting to see the first results now, since open banking came on the scene 18 months ago, and there are lessons the pensions industry will want to take on board when it launches its pensions dashboard.

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Power Hands

Taking the power of admin into your own hands

By Taylor Smith, Client Relationship Manager | 10/09/2019 | Article

Administrators have spent a long time pleading for a more prominent position at the trustee table. Asking for more time, more consultation and more input into decision-making so that the practicalities of implementing real-world change can be properly considered.

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Give Us Credit

Give us credit: Why schemes need to make use of service credits in admin

By Daniel Taylor | 19/08/2019 | Article

Service credits are a useful feature of administration contracts, tying performance with fee levels, but they are rarely used. Daniel Taylor argues why more contracts should include them.

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Quote A Berry Death Automation

Death: where automation find its limits

By Alan Berry, Service Delivery Manager | 04/07/2019 | Blog

Automation, robotics and machine learning are just some of the buzzwords that trumpet the dawn of a mechanised nirvana. An administrator-free future where members will self-service every part of their retirement journey, elevating us administrators to system managers or indeed, making us redundant.

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Press J Bower Welcome

Trafalgar House expands trustee secretarial team with appointment of Jannine Bower

By Trafalgar House | 19/06/2019 | Press Release

Trafalgar House has enhanced its client relationship and trustee secretarial team with the appointment of Jannine Bower as client relationship manager.

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